Tree Cutting

Tree Cutting: Tree Removal Lake Orion MI | Oakland Arbor Care - img1We specialize in the cutting down of trees on residential and commercial property.  There is more to tree cutting than pulling out a chainsaw and chopping them down.  Safety is our primary concern at all times.  The health of your trees is another concern.  We want to help you by solving your tree service problems.

There are many reasons to cut a tree and not all of them involve complete tree removal.   Hiring a certified arborist to determine what kind of tree service you need is smart.  Unless the tree poses a danger or a threat to your property or persons, you may only need to have your trees trimmed.   It is up to you to decide if the tree needs to be removed.

Hiring a tree-cutting professional is the only way to go. Our team is trained, licensed and insured for the safe removal and cutting of your trees.  Call us today for a free tree-cutting quote.