Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Tree & Shrub Maintenance Lake Orion MI | Oakland Arbor Care - Work_3Neglected trees, hedges, or shrubs can ruin an otherwise great looking property. Shrub trimming is not exactly rocket science, but learning the best times to cut branches, the optimal amount of thinning to perform, and other facets of hedge pruning is a necessity if you want your plants to stay healthy. Those who jump into shrub trimming without understanding the basics often end up doing more harm than good, though that harm is often reversible over time by using better hedge pruning techniques.

Unlike improper shrub pruning or hedge trimming, irresponsible tree service is something that can have serious ramifications for your property. Unless you have plenty of experience in the field, hiring a professional for tree service is generally a good idea. Not only do professional tree service companies have the right tools to trim large tree branches and the proper equipment to do it safely, they will also be able to identify and prevent problems like disease, insect infestation, and fungus. Emergency tree service is sometimes needed after a thunderstorm or heavy ice or snow fall. The threat of unstable, damaged, or weighed-down branches is nothing to take lightly, as it causes damage to property and people every year.